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Western Coastlines, specifically Pacifica’s beaches, are my current haven of inspiration. The weather, landscapes, and beach combed treasures are constantly changing and rearranging. A shapeshifting day from warm sand, thick mist periodically rolling through, and the slowly then quickly setting sun is invigorating. The transparency and opalescence of glass is well suited to mimic juicy, water filled sea plants. The ability to sculpt ornate and delicate details out of glass allows for capturing just a glimpse of seaweed's mesmerizing forms. Within these earrings I hope to bring some enchantment of the sea with you on your day.



They are constructed in a strong manner, however, they should not be dropped from a high distance.



Most earrings are made with sterling silver hardware. Sterling silver is long lasting and durable. Over time it will temporarily tarnish. To polish, just submerge in soapy (dish soap) water and scrub lightly with a toothbrush and they will be good as new. 

Pacifica Seaweed Earrings

  • All items are crafted by me in my small studio in Oakland, California. As an independent artist, living in an expensive city, the cost of each item includes labor, studio rent, propane and oxygen, tools and equipment, kiln electricity, implementing health and safety measures, and materials.


    Buying from a small business supports costs of living including rent, eating, health insurance, etc. I am thrilled to be able to make long lasting, custom jewelry based on nature, life, and dreams.


    If you don’t have extra money to spend but have been hoping to acquire something I make, I am always happy to work out a payment plan for pieces over $250. If the same applies and you are a historically and purposefully marginalized individual, I am happy to provide a sliding scale rate. At this time, I am not financially able to trade, however, I hope to be able to soon.

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