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January 2018

My mind is filled with a constant hum. A hum of tasks to compete, imaginary conversations, and my past and future. I constantly strive to focus on the present and to rid myself from the obsessive hum. Sometimes, my daydreaming distractions serve as important tools such as coping in disaster. However, most frequently they put me in a cycle of compulsive distractions. Everyday, I spend an hour privately meditating on a specific task. Each thought that enters my mind that isn’t related to that task, I record. I categorize these thoughts into images depicted in glass stamps. I heat the stamps and use them to brand paper. The hum of my mind is represented in a book covered in brands. The invisible, compulsive thoughts are transparent like glass but as brands they finally become visible. The brands show the impact and weight that my obsessive thinking holds in my daily life. I organize the thoughts spatially as a way to analyze the weight, beauty, and destruction of them.

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